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NSTC creates opportunity. As the region’s preeminent technology business association, we deliver business formation, networking, learning and community programs for innovators, entrepreneurs, investors and the service providers who support them.

BioSciences Group

The First Friday Seminar Series is a renowned monthly meeting place for the recognized experts in med-tech, bio-pharma, genomics and the life sciences.  Speakers present the latest  technology developments and the paths to commercialization. 

BioSciences Group

Beverages & Biosciences

Networking events for the life sciences

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Tech Hub Leadership Group

Our members are from the dynamic regional innovation cluster north of Boston – People who invent, or help those who invent, and turn innovations into market ready products.

Leadership Group Speaker Series


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Sustainability Forum

 At the monthly Sustainability Luncheon technicians, business leaders, academics, and government experts explore ways to collaborate on decreasing waste, pollution, energy consumption, and costs.

Sustainability Forum

Title: A Radical Solution to Plastic Pollution

Presenter: Kristin Taylor, CEO/Cofounder of Radical Plastics

March 10, 2021 –  Noon to 1PM

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