Sustainability Forums – Past Events

NSTC Sustainability Forum Events for 2015-16 Season


Sep 2 Sustainability Forum LUNCHEON SEMINAR: Geothermal Heat Pumps Shrink Energy Use…..

Speaker: Dr. Melanie Head – Principal, EnergySmart Alternatives

Ground Source (geothermal) heat pumps eliminate the need for fossil fuels for heating and are nearly double the efficiency of other state-of-the-art air conditioning systems on the market. Geothermal systems are not as complicated as one might think – most of the infrastructure required is identical to traditional HVAC systems. This presentation will show how a geothermal system is installed through the use of video and photos from actual installations in Massachusetts. It will also provide data from local installations where 50 to 70% savings on annual heating and cooling costs have been realized. If you are looking for examples of how renewable energy products can minimize impact on climate change and save money, this session is for you.


Oct 7 Sustainability Forum LUNCHEON SEMINAR: Look Up, Rooftop Farms Are Synonymous with Sustainability

Speaker: Jessie Banhazl, Founder and CEO,Green City Growers

Green roofs are rapidly becoming accepted as the pinnacle of “going green” in urban development. They alleviate the urban heat island effect, saving energy. They curb energy costs by providing insulation for buildings. They help offset carbon emissions, absorb pollutants, and manage storm water. The subset of green roofs, rooftop farms, have the added benefit of providing fresh, delicious, local food. They can be a hands-on educational resource for youth and adults, curbing childhood obesity and teaching lifelong healthy habits. They create meaningful jobs, benefiting the local economy. All this, from otherwise unused space. Listen to the history of the planning, design, installation, and maintenance of the rooftop farm at Whole Foods Market in Lynnfield, the very first open air rooftop farm on a supermarket. Learn how Green City Growers is taking rooftop farming to new heights, like farming at Fenway Park, and how rooftop farms are becoming more accessible than ever.


Nov 4 Sustainability Forum LUNCHEON SEMINAR: Prepping for Sustainable Innovation Forum in Paris….

Speaker: Michael Green, Executive Director of the Climate Action Business Association

What role can businesses play on the road from Boston to Paris? Michael will be going to the Climate Talks in Paris. Come to hear what he is expecting to see accomplished, learn about major challenges we still face and hear the insiders thoughts going into these historic talks.


Dec 2 Sustainability Forum LUNCHEON SEMINAR: Turning a Home into a Positive Energy Producer

Speaker:  John Livermore, Founder, Healthy Home Healthy Planet – John recently founded Healthy Home Healthy Planet with a mission to empower people to reduce their home’s carbon footprint and increase their quality of life. The organization just completed a 10-minute video, also titled Healthy Home Healthy Planet, which tells the story of creating Massachusetts’ first Positive Energy renovated home. An energy consultant with over 25 years of experience in the design and implementation of nation-leading energy efficiency programs, John has worked with utilities, non-profits, state energy offices, municipalities, builders, and homeowners to help them to redefine what is possible in energy performance.

Have you ever wondered what it would take to turn your home into a positive energy producer? Come find out how we – zeroed out our home’s carbon footprint, stopped paying energy bills, helped the planet – and became the 1st renovated home in Massachusetts to produce more energy than we consume.


Jan 13 Sustainability Forum LUNCHEON SEMINAR: What’s Next for Offshore Wind Power?

Speaker: Amber Hewett, Regional Campaign Coordinator, National Wildlife Federation

Massachusetts legislators and Governor Baker have the opportunity to encourage the replacement of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station’s nuclear energy with zero-carbon power by tapping the massive energy resource sitting right over our horizon: offshore wind. There is enough power to replace Pilgrim several times over in areas currently designated for wind energy development far off the coast of Massachusetts. Leading global developers have competitively purchased leases in those areas and are ready to build reliable, local, rate-stabilizing power into our energy mix at a scale that matches the Commonwealth’s urgent needs. The National Wildlife Federation’s Amber Hewitt will present an overview of the current state of these potential wind projects and will detail some of the issues to be addressed in the path forward to a clean energy future.


Feb 3 Sustainability Forum LUNCHEON SEMINAR: Sustainable and Responsible Investing – Impactful Growth – Hosted by Cambridge Trust Company

Speaker: Aimee Forsythe, CFA, VP and Investment Officer, Cambridge Trust Company

A growing number of people believe that investors bear responsibility for the impact their money has in the world. Come hear Aimee B. Forsythe, CFA, who helped to establish Cambridge Trust Company’s Sustainable and Responsible Investment Strategy – an investment discipline that considers environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) criteria to generate long-term, competitive financial returns and positive social impact. Aimee will talk about the evolution of SRI, how investing sustainably makes a difference, and how the SRI team at Cambridge Trust Company conducts proprietary and ESG analysis.


Mar 2 Sustainability Forum LUNCHEON SEMINAR: MassCEC 2016 Program Update – Driving the State’s Sustainable Energy Industry

Speaker: Sarah Colao, MassCEC Acting General Counsel

The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center is dedicated to accelerating the growth of the Massachusetts clean energy industry and making Massachusetts a global destination for the clean energy sector. With economic growth in mind, MassCEC invests in early-stage technology companies, provides incentives for the adoption of renewable energy and develops programs to prepare workers for the next generation of clean energy jobs. To visit their website, go to


Apr 6 Sustainability Forum Luncheon: How Cell Signaling Technology is Advancing Sustainability in the Laboratory Environment – Hosted by Cell Signaling Technology at their facility

Speaker: Elias Witman, Sustainability Coordinator, Cell Signaling

The April Sustainability Forum will be hosted by Cell Signaling Technology (CST) and will be held at their facility at 3 Trask Lane in Danvers. The meeting will focus on CST’s current sustainability programs and will emphasize the company’s efforts to mitigate laboratory waste and reduce the energy use of their operations. While these projects are in their planning phases, there is significant potential for economic and environmental benefits and their work could offer valuable insights for other laboratory based life science organizations.


May 4 Sustainability Forum LUNCHEON SEMINAR: Why Whales?

Speaker: Dr. Iain Kerr, CEO of the Ocean Alliance

Dive into the world of whales with Dr. Iain Kerr, CEO of Gloucester based oceanographic research and innovation NGO Ocean Alliance. Just back from a SnotBot expedition to the Sea of Cortez, Iain will talk about his 30+ years in the field of marine mammal science, developing benign research tools and what it is like to work with the largest animals that have ever lived on this blue planet. Found in all oceans of the world feeding at the top of ocean food chains Iain believes that whales are humanity’s “canary in the coal mine”.


Jun 1 Sustainability Forum Seminar: Where Does My Recycling Bin Go?

Take a tour of Waste Management’s Materials Recovery Facility in North Billerica, MA to see what happens to your recyclable materials after they are picked up at your curb. To see how single stream recycling works, please register now to join our tour on 6/1/16 starting at 10:30am at Waste Management’s facility. Details: Closed-toe shoes are required. This is a dirty, dusty facility so plan accordingly. Sorry, no refreshments. Tour should start about 10:30am and finish by noon. There is no charge for this event, however, advanced reservations are required because we need a count in advance.


July 2016 – No Meeting – Enjoy the Summer!


August 2016 (Jul 29) Sustainabilty Forum:  Our Annual Summer Outing – 7 Seas Whale Watch

7 Seas Whale Watch is located in the heart of historic downtown Gloucester, MA and in one of the busiest parts of Gloucester harbor. As soon as you board the Privateer you will be surrounded by the sights and sounds of Gloucester’s working waterfront. You may see fishing boats that have just returned from sea unloading fish, lobstermen baiting and setting their traps, and perhaps even some of our indigenous wildlife such as Harbor seals, Gray seals, Common eiders (a beautiful sea duck common in the harbor), Double-crested cormorants, and of course you will hear the ubiquitous “seagulls” (mostly Herring, Great black-backed, and Ring-billed gulls).