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LaunchWorks Manufacturing Lab




LaunchWorks Contract Manufacturing Lab delivers the fastest path to market for Life Science companies developing bleeding edge technologies.  Our team of contract manufacturing experts knows how to turn complex life science theory into a quality product.  This allows client companies to focus on core competencies while being assured that the finished good is delivered as designed, on time.  Our Idea Realization Process identifies potential roadblocks upfront so actual manufacturing is easier to manage, measure and deliver reliably.  Our project management starts at raw material sourcing and extends through logistics.  This includes brand development, raw material procurement, work instruction creation, custom formulation, custom packaging design/labeling, kit assembly, warehousing, hazardous material handling/specification and cold chain shipping.  We handle every step to ensure the highest quality product and presentation under an IOS 13485 compliant system.

We offer a free evaluation meeting at our lab.

Want to see how our Idea Realization Process could apply to your idea or product?  Can we help identify any hidden pitfalls?  Give us an opportunity to prove our value.  Get our white paper, Life Science product Launch Pitfalls to Avoid, at LaunchWorksML.com/PitfallsToAvoid or call us today at 774-321-3322774-321-3322 and ask for Jason.