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Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News


Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology News (GEN) has retained its position as the premier biotech publication since its launch in 1981. GEN publishes a print edition 21 times a year and has additional exclusive editorial content online, including news and analysis as well as webinars, videos, and polls. GEN’s unique news and technology focus covers the entire bioproduct life cycle, including drug discovery, early-stage R&D, applied research (e.g., omics, biomarkers, and diagnostics), bioprocessing, and commercialization.

GEN’s print magazine, which also can easily be accessed online, includes feature articles on emerging technologies, product roundups, in-depth overviews from key scientific and bioindustry meetings, and industry-standard tutorials and technical articles on drug discovery, bioprocessing, and assay technologies.

Our regular columns include Corporate Profiles, Bioprocessing Perspectives, Best of the Web, Best Science Apps, and Sticky Ends. Additional informative content is provided by New Product listings and the Calendar of Events for bioscience and bioindustry meetings. GEN’s print edition also features the following news columns: Industry Watch, Products & Services, Genomics & Proteomics, Discovery and Development, Bioprocessing, Molecular Diagnostics, Clinical Trials, and People.

GEN online has additional editorial coverage. News Highlights reports on the most important biotech stories on a daily basis. GEN Exclusives offer critical coverage of significant industry developments, market-moving events, scientific advances, and interviews with thought leaders. Market & Tech Analysis takes a close look at biomarket trends and tools and techniques that are revolutionizing life science research. Bioperspectives serves as a content forum where experts share their keen insights on issues that may enhance your research. Our Polls allow you to voice your opinion on high-profile news events.

GEN online also provides you with illustrative and instructional Webinars and Videos and “The Lists,” where you will find the top biotech companies, pharma firms, entrepreneurs, hot spots for biotech jobs, CEOs, venture capital companies, and molecular millionaires, among others. You can also scout out the GEN Jobs section if you are planning a career move.