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NSTC Biosciences Group

The NSTC Biosciences Group aims to facilitate connections and collaborations through networking, education, and services to stimulate enterprise formation and growth of life science companies in the North Shore region. With members from biotechnology and medical device companies as well as professionals providing vital services to this sector, our group includes experts, entrepreneurs, executives, and consultants.

Introducing the BioSciences Group Gala Event Program

2019 Ushers in NSTC BioSciences Group’s Celebration of The Year of Genomics with an announcement of its calendar of special events.

The BioSciences Group is rolling out a calendar of gala events for the 2019-2020 programs.  The BioSciences Group has produced three flagship events in the past two-years to great enthusiasm of our members and attendees.  The programs featured the area’s most influential business leaders and visionaries and covered themes of great importance: Alzheimer’s Research, The Latest in Genomics and Autism. 

Starting in November of 2019, the BioSciences Group will replace its nine yearly First Friday Seminars with four flagship events per year. 

Please check out our event calendar for the next BioSciences Gala Event.

Our goal is to support the growth of the life sciences sector locally by strengthening a sense of community among participants.