NSTC Special Interest Groups

The NSTC is composed of several special interest groups (SIG), each of which aims to provide a sector-specific focus on the issues affecting their constituents. Our most popular two SIGs are the BioSciences Forum and the Sustainability Forum, where attendees mingle with specialists from their respective sectors to remain abreast of the latest trends.

BioSciences Forum

A fundamental objective of the North Shore Technology Council is to foster growth of technology-related business north of Boston. Today, biotechnology and medical devices are among the most exciting and promising sectors.

In 2005, the NSTC initiated a task force to identify the needs of the regional biotechnology and medical devices sector. What emerged from this effort is the Biosciences Group. While an integral part of the NSTC, it is developing exciting new programs with content specifically tailored to meet the special needs of this business community.

Sustainability Forum

The Sustainability Forum explores and promotes ways in which technology can improve quality of life be it health, economic, business, or social.  The group brings together technicians, businesses, academics, and government experts to collaborate on decreasing waste, pollution, energy consumption, and costs.  It examines the costs and benefits arising from possible solutions such as alternative energy, recycling, energy audits, business partnerships, and changing the design of both products and production.

Technology and environmental professionals and concerned citizens interested in working with the Sustainability Forum should email us.


Executive Leadership Forum

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