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Panel:  Alzheimer’s from the benches: Where we are today and hope for tomorrow

Thought leaders will discuss the current state of science and technology to tackle Alzheimer’s Disease, and point to the future for care, prevention and cure.

Moderator: Robert Weisman, Boston Globe


Richard Ransohoff, MD, Vice President and Senior Research Fellow, Neuroimmunology, Biogen

Matt Kennedy, PhD, Director, Early Discovery Neuroscience, Merck

Zach Malchano, General Manager, Cognito Therapeutics

Robert D. Moir, PhD, Assistant Professor in Neurology, MGH, Harvard Medical School

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A September 11 article in the New York Times quoted the Senate Appropriations Committee citing Alzheimer’s Disease as, “the most expensive disease in America.” According to the Alzheimer’s Association, the US spends nearly $260 billion a year caring for people with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia. Join the NSTC BioSciences Special Interest Group as Robert Weisman of the Boston Globe moderates this distinguished panel of leading national experts.

The panel will feature Richard Ransohoff, MD, Vice President and Senior Research Fellow, Neuroimmunology at Biogen, Matt Kennedy, Director, Early Discovery Neuroscience at Merck, Zach Malchano, General Manager at Cognito Therapeutics, and Robert Moir PhD, Assistant Professor in Neurology, MGH, Harvard Medical School.

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Date and Time

Begins: 11/03/2017 12:00 PM
Ends: 11/03/2017 02:00 PM


Robert Weisman, Reporter, Boston Globe


Weisman covers the healthcare and life sciences industries for the Business section. He was a business reporter and editor for the Hartford Courant and the Seattle Times before joining the Globe in 2000.

Richard Ransohoff, MD, Vice President and Senior Research Fellow, Neuroimmunology, Biogen.


Richard joined Biogen in 2014 after 25 years at the Cleveland Clinic, where he had become the ‘neuro guy’ among a group of immunologists and the ‘immuno guy’ for several neurobiologists. His research focuses on inflammation in neurological disease, and specifically on signaling proteins called chemokines and their receptors. In his lab, he learned over the years that chemokines are highly conserved across species and assumed key roles over the parallel development of the immune and nervous systems. Over time, his research expanded to comprise neuroinflammation in neurodegenerative disease, from several different perspectives.

Zach Malchano, General Manager, Cognito Therapeutics


Mr. Malchano has over 10 years of experience in research and development of innovative medical technologies. He has been directly responsible for the development and initial clinical use of more than 8 therapeutic and diagnostic products.


Robert D. Moir, PhD, Assistant Professor in Neurology, MGH, Harvard Medical School


Dr. Moir’s research focuses on the biochemical and cellular mechanisms involved in neurodegeneration in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and aging. More specifically, receptor/ligand interactions and physiochemical properties that promote pathological protein behavior. Particular emphasis has been placed on the beta-amyloid peptide (A beta), amyloid precursor protein (APP), apolipoprotein E, low density lipoprotein receptor protein (LRP), alpha-2-macroblobulin and the presenilins (PS1 and PS2).
His body of work includes studies that identify LRP as the cell surface receptor for APP and the receptor that mediates the first step in the pathway that ultimately leads to amyloid deposition in AD brain, and characterization of the role and importance of metals in the pathological physiochemistry of A beta (the principal component of amyloid in AD) and of the clinical potential of chelators in AD treatment. His most recent studies have focused on identifying the normal function of A beta. The findings from these studies suggest A beta is a member of the family of essential innate immune effector biomolecules known as antimicrobial peptides.

Matt Kennedy, PhD, Director, Early Discovery Neuroscience, Merck


Matt has spent the majority of his nearly 20 year career in drug discovery searching for a cure to one of the most challenging diseases, Alzheimer’s. He played a key role in the discovery of a medicine that targets plaque formation in Alzheimer’s patients, and he currently leads a team of drug discovery scientists working to develop new treatments for Parkinson’s and ALS, in addition to Alzheimer’s. He also spends a portion of his time mentoring young scientists who he believes will lead our generation to a cure for these challenging neurological diseases.

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begins at 1 p.m.

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Pizza, salad, and soft drinks will be served.

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