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T.H.E. Connector Forum

Growing to Scale – Overcoming Barriers to Growth

June 20 starting at 5:30 p.m.

100 Cummings Center, Suite 221-E, Beverly

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Growing to Scale: Overcoming Barriers to Growth

The CEO and key partners – leadership team, investors, other key employees, and board members – must decide if they want, in effect, to re-launch the company on a trajectory towards significant growth.

 The challenges facing tech company leaders who want to grow their companies is the topic of this program. Panelists with deep experience across a range of tech companies will share their experience with firms that have successfully driven and sustained growth.

Learn the barriers to significant growth and what changes to your organization and operations are necessary to be successful as a larger company. 

 Get an overview of the issues to be discussed in an article published nationally by Mr. Williams entitled, Growing to Scale: Overcoming the Barriers to Success. Download the full article HERE.

 Key topics include:

  • Barriers to growth
  • Financing & capital structure
  • Products and market penetration
  • Leadership
  • Legal organization
  • Board of directors and advisors
  • IT and accounting and control systems