The STEM Scholarships: Funding Tomorrow’s Leaders

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Your Direct Impact.  A qualified technology talent base north of Boston depends partly on a strong flow of college interns and graduates majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM).  Through our STEM Scholarship program, we partner with North Shore colleges and universities to select and award funds donated by you to deserving STEM scholars, directly addressing our region’s talent needs.

Your dollars double. Each year NSTC provides up to four $1,000 per year scholarships funded entirely by you, our generous donors, which are then matched 100% by the student’s school. One student is selected from each of the following schools: Salem State University, North Shore Community College, Endicott College and Gordon College.

Our administrative partner in this effort, the Essex County Community Foundation (ECCF), hosts our Donation page, where you can make your tax-deductible contribution and have it leveraged to benefit these deserving local students bound for regional STEM careers.

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How You Can Help Today

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A message from one of our 2014 Scholars who graduated Salem State University in 2016:

Please thank everyone at NSTC for the support the past couple of years. The scholarship not only helped me financially but also gave me a boost of confidence and motivation to complete my goals. Thanks to all of you, no goal seems impossible.

Edisson Naranja-Mejia, Salem State University 2016, who went on to graduate school at University of Massachusetts-Lowell.


Program Progress

2017 update: Since the STEM Scholarship Program’s establishment in 2012, we have awarded over $30,000 to thirteen (17) students. Through the generosity of our NSTC community and your participation, each student received $1,000 from the NSTC and a matching $1,000 from his/her school each full-time college year until graduation. This brings the STEM Scholars program’s award total to over $60,000.  Thanks to you, this region’s economy has been positively impacted and some very deserving STEM scholars are embarking on important careers. 

Help us continue to expand to meet our region’s demand for STEM talent.   

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Start a STEM Scholar Drive at your Organization

If your answer is “yes” to at least one of these statements:

[ ] I live and/or work in the North Shore region

[ ] I work in a place that hires STEM talent

[ ] I know a college student pursuing a STEM career

[ ] I am a Member or Sponsor of NSTC

…then you are directly and positively impacted by the NSTC STEM Scholarship program. That makes you the perfect candidate to lead your organization in support of this effort.  Here’s how: click below to download a full-color poster for display where you live, work, teach or learn, and help spread the benefits you already enjoy.  Of course, you can create your own motivational poster, as long as the information on this sample poster is included. Thank you!

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