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Membership in NSTC

Is NSTC for Me?

If you are one of those who invent or help those who invent to turn innovations into market ready products you are member of this remarkable regional innovation cluster. The path to the market and success requires overcoming variety of engineering, finance, legal, regulatory, and marketing challenges, as well as a host of mundane business details.

No one can, or wants to, make this journey on their own.  Some where along the way all projects and opportunities will need the assistance of an expert, advice of colleagues or service from a consultant.  Talking to those who have shared the same challenges, can help others avoid costly missteps and recommend appropriate solutions.

Our members are those who have already or are currently navigating the hurdles between ideation and market success.

If you are the kind of entrepreneur or manager who doesn’t mind learning from those who have been there and done that, or if you don’t mind sharing your experience with your peers, then NSTC is for you. 

What can you do as a member of the NSTC?

  • Expand your network through our Events and Directory
  • Stay current about business topics of broad concern at our regular monthly breakfast briefings
  • Get focused in a Special Interest Group(SIG): BioSciences, Sustainability, STEM and Information Technologies
  • Team up on a volunteer committee to strengthen and support membership, programs and outreach
  • Accelerate learning by meeting topical business experts at our in-house “U” sessions 
  • Fill regional demand for STEM professionals by supporting our Scholarship program
  • Gain visibility through our Member and Sponsor programs

Not a Member or Sponsor? Join us today! If you have questions, feel free to email one of our SIG or Committee leaders.


Corporate Sponsorships are available for companies with multiple members. Please click here for an explanation of the benefits for each Corporate Sponsor levels.