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THE* Ascent Roundtables

T.H.E.* Ascent Rountables

(*Technology Hub Executives)

THE Ascent Roundtables are a series of regularly scheduled, confidential small-group sessions where business leaders from peer organizations, determined by size, revenue and market maturity (see application form for details), can discuss and share feedback on sensitive, critical business issues and unique challenges in a collaborative and non-competitive environment. This proven model helps you, the executive leader, achieve focus and sustain momentum in accomplishing personal goals and formulating business strategies.

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What to expect – frameworks and topics

Each session’s two-hour framework will involve presentation and analysis on a selected topic, followed by a facilitated group conversation where each participant will have the opportunity to drive the discussion on a particular issue of critical import to their business.

Topics may be selected by the group and could include, for example:

Strategic Planning – value and impact; mission and vision statements; current internal processes

Funding and Finance – available options; valuation models; runway management; exit strategies

Marketing – market sizing; differentiation; defense (IP and barriers to entry)

Human Resources – solving HR problems without HR; expeditious vs. right hiring; team building; retaining high performers

Operations – processes; communications; business scaling

By sharing your experienced perspective in an expertly moderated reciprocal peer environment, supported by coaching and feedback, you help ensure your own progress and the progress of your peer group members.

How to formally apply

Joining a peer roundtable can accelerate your progress. Join us on this collaborative, mutually supportive growth journey.

A brief confidential application form gets you started. All inquiries and applications are kept in strict confidence. All serious, completed applications will receive a formal reply that will likely include an interview and some introductions. Apply here.