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At the March 2nd meeting of NSTC’s Sustainability Forum our group heard an update on the activities and programs at the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center (MassCEC). Sarah Colao, MassCEC Acting General Counsel, gave us an overview of MassCEC, explained how they are dedicated to accelerating the growth of the Massachusetts clean energy industry and making our state a global destination for the clean energy sector. With economic growth in mind, MassCEC invests in early-stage technology companies, provides incentives for the adoption of renewable energy and develops programs to prepare workers for the next generation of clean energy jobs. Sarah’s presentation slides are attached for your reference. To visit their website, please go to http://masscec.com

View the slides from the presentation here: NSTC-SF Slides from Mar 2016 Mtg – MassCEC Update

Submitted by Tom Ollila, Chairman of the Sustainability Forum