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Volunteer On A Committee

Volunteer Opportunities

Enhance your networking experience and impact by volunteering on one of our volunteer Committees and Special Interest Group teams, who work to meet the expanding needs of Members, Sponsors and the regional economy. Several standing committees, appointed by our board of directors, oversee and participate hands-on in daily Council progress. Through committee work, you form new friendships and business connections.

Boost your career, visibility and business success by getting involved! Use the email address shown below under each Committee description to get started.

Program Services

This committee plans and organizes regular monthly networking events as well as monthly breakfast briefings on broad topics of interest to our Members. They recruit and evaluate potential speakers who can share industry knowledge in lively, effective and memorable ways. Programs also works closely with other committees and Council administration to create successful event plans. By working with this committee, you will meet some very interesting and influential leaders.  If you are interested in proposing a meeting topic or joining the Programs Committee, please email us.

Member Services

This committee is dedicated to attracting and retaining individual and corporate members. The team also assesses member needs and interests and works closely with other committees to keep NSTC programs and resources current and relevant.  To get involved and learn more, please email us.

Sponsor Services

This committee recruits new sponsors and helps existing Sponsors expand their business reach and build support for the region’s technology community. Please send a note to become a Sponsor or explore involvement in our Sponsor Services team.

Marketing Services

This team builds the NSTC’s audiences by managing online and offline communication channels. Publicizing Member and Sponsor success stories, announcing and writing about Council and Member events, and supporting Sponsor and partner program communications are some of the key ways we build visibility and participation. Our website, social media channels, direct marketing, media outreach, and partner communities are our key distribution tools. Working closely with other Committees, we work to serve the needs of the NSTC and its  members, while supporting community outreach, and spreading the benefits of joining the organization. To get involved in the marketing committee, email please email us.

Special Interest Groups (SIG)

Special Interest Groups’ programs attract professionals with common interests to hear speakers who delve more deeply into the relevant subject matter. Our current list of Special Interest Groups are the BioSciences Group, the STEM Education Group, the IT Forum and the Sustainability Forum. To get involved in any of these groups, please email us.