Our Mission

Support and contribute to the success of our members and promote the successful growth and development of our innovation cluster.


About the North Shore Technology Council (NSTC)

The North Shore Technology Council creates opportunity.

The North Shore Technology Council (NSTC) is a regional association of technology business leaders and managers that covers Essex and much of Middlesex counties of Massachusetts.  The NSTC provides informational programming and networking opportunities – about 40 events annually – targeted for entrepreneurs of what is recognized as the innovation cluster North of Boston (NOB).

Membership is open to individuals and sponsors companies. Our members include a Who’s Who of North Shore technology leaders, solopreneurs, support services providers, educators and community leaders.  The NSTC community is a source of innovation, ideas, technical diversity and creativity, which helps members learn, connect, get inspired, and leverage combined resources for success.


A Community Powered by Volunteers

The North Shore Technology Council organizes and manages close to 40 events a year and raises financial support to underwrite its activities and serve the membership through the efforts of our volunteers. 

Many of our volunteers are successful high-tech professionals who feel an obligation to give back to the community that gave them so much. Others realize that we all benefit from a growing and thriving business community North of Boston and work to grow the pie of all.  And finally, others realize that playing a bigger part of the organization is and excellent means to boost their career, visibility and business success.