IT Expert Clears up Misconceptions about Cloud Computing

Although the cloud is ubiquitous in today’s world – on both personal and professional levels – many Americans still don’t know much about what it is or how it works, said Brian Gravel , Vice President of Media Production at GraVoc Associates of Peabody, MA during his presentation at the June 22 NSTC Business Breakfast. While 54 percent say they don’t even use the cloud, in reality about 95 percent do, Gravel said. Fifty-one percent actually think the cloud is affected by weather, and 29 percent believe it is a literal cloud (in the sky).

“The cloud is still sitting on a box or device, it is just the way it is structured among other devices that makes it unique,” Gravel said. “Three key words best describe the cloud: access, redundancy, and speed. The cloud is accessible from anywhere, and where the cloud thrives is with its combination of different infrastructures with multiple layers that increase both security and speed.”

In addition to not knowing if they use the cloud, people often misunderstand it in terms of safety and security, Gravel said. But, the data is always going to be there and this should bring peace of mind. “The way I look at it is, if I put my personal photos on the cloud, and my kid spills a cup of water on my hard drive, I can still access my photos.” Gravel noted the cloud is protected my multiple layers of compliance anorld is so popular today for a range of reasons. “The cost is down for cloud-based solutions so these can be easier, more scald is regularly controlled by security audits.

The cost of cloud computing can also be misunderstood. Gravel said that specific cloud product solutions run the gamut in price range, with many free platforms available such as Dropbox. However, the saying “you get what you pay for” typically applies.

Cloud computing in the business wable, and more cost effective than building your own infrastructure,” Gravel said. Other advantages include speed and ease of maintenance. On the flip side, he stated there can be customization and integration challenges.

Gravel oversees project management relating to web and mobile application development, video production, and Web design for GraVoc. The June 22 breakfast event was sponsored by Boston IT consulting firm, NSK. Inc.